Dec 19, 2018

10 Things to Remember When Leasing Office Space

By Don Catalano


10 Things to Remember When Leasing Office Space
You have a lot to think about when considering new office spaces for your company, but that doesn't mean that you can afford to overlook the fine details. In addition to considering the cost and size of various spaces, be careful not to forget about the following features:


1. Parking Accommodations 

You don't want your employees to arrive to work and find that there is no place for them to park. Find out how many spaces in the parking lot or garage will be reserved for your company and what steps are taken to enforce the parking rules.


2. Signage Rights 

Being able to advertise your presence in a building is important for brand building. Make sure that the lease provides you with rights to signage. If you're occupying a large portion of the building, you may be able to have your name added to the exterior or displayed on a roadside marquee sign. At the very least, your business name should appear on a directory inside the lobby.

3. Cell Reception

Before you sign the lease, walk through the space with your smartphone or tablet to check the reception. Dead zones could interfere with your employees' ability to communicate during the day.


4. Compliance 

Don't trust that your landlord has taken the steps necessary to ensure compliance with accessibility laws and local safety regulations. Do your homework and verify that your office space is compliant. You should also double check that zoning requirements and the terms of your lease don't conflict with your line of business.


5. Other Tenants

Browse the directory to find out who else is located in your prospective building. You don't want to end up neighbors with a competitor or with a company that conflicts with your brand image due to their reputation or line of business.


6. Accessibility

Take a survey to find out how many of your employees rely on public transportation to get to and from the office. Then, check to see where the nearest bus and subway stops are to find out if the building is readily accessible for those members of your team.


7. Security 

With concerns about workplace violence, it's important that your building has taken steps to ensure the security and safety of your employees. Inquire about what safety and security measures are in place.


8. The Neighborhood 

Walk the neighborhood to find out what's within easy walking distance. The best locations are those that give employees easy access to restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, pharmacies and other service businesses.


9. Shared Spaces

As you tour the building, pay attention to the condition and appearance of shared areas like elevators, restrooms, hallways and reception areas. You don't want prospective clients to have to walk through shabby or run down common spaces before they reach your office.


10. Your Brand 

It's vital that you keep your brand image in mind as you consider spots to lease. Look for a building and an office that will help to project the right image for your business.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano