Key Date Management

Never miss an important date with REoptimizer®'s key date management. This incredible feature effortlessly tracks every important date and deadline coming up for each lease you have in the system.

Key Date Management

Automate Your Workflow

Most calendars are stand-alone requiring you to schedule meetings and important dates separately from the actual tasks. REoptimizer®’s fully integrated lease management software helps you prioritize and schedule important dates for all of your real estate projects. Because REoptimizer® is an all-in-one platform, your key dates live right along-side your documents and data. Now you can quickly and effortlessly track your high-priority deadlines.

Automate your calendar and prioritize tasks for your team.

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What Makes REoptimizer® different?

Integrated Calendar

Manage all of your lease key dates such as lease expirations, renewals, cancellations and everything else. Get notifications along the way.

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly track each stage and important date across all of your leased properties without giving it a second thought.


Stronger Negotiations

Never miss an opportunity. Get notifications of important dates before they arrive so you can be prepared to negotiate the best price. Every time.

Never Miss A Deadline Again. Ever.

  • Track lease expiration and renewal dates

  • Get user-customized notification alerts that help keep you in control

  • Keep track of the lease clause the corresponding key date

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