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9 Things to Do For a More Flexible Office Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 21, 2020

Especially in uncertain times, a long-term office lease can be a tough pill to swallow. After all, who knows what the future will bring? With this in mind, there are many ways to get a more flexible office lease structure. Here are nine to consider.

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Top 5 Indispensable Technologies of Modern Workspaces

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 19, 2020

COVID-19 has caused major challenges in the workplace. Many companies have been able to act swiftly to mitigate these challenges by deploying the appropriate technologies that will improve the quality of work, safeguard employees and migrate to a new way of working.

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Beware of These 5 Things in Your Office Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 14, 2020

Reading through a commercial lease agreement is a tedious task, but simply skimming the text could have consequences for your company in the future. That's why it's important that you look beyond the financial aspects of the lease and consider the legal ramifications of the language it does and does not contain. Here are six things that should raise red flags as you review the document:

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6 Commercial Occupancy Costs You Should Know About

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 12, 2020

When you're conducting an audit of your commercial lease portfolio or comparing a number of prospective offices for rent, you can't simply consider rent. A lot more goes into the occupancy costs for a space than just what you pay to occupy your space. Read on to learn more about the occupancy costs that you should keep in mind when reviewing leases.

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Commercial Office Space Transformation Caused by COVID-19

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 07, 2020

Commercial office space is experiencing massive transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as new technologies. The pandemic has only accelerated a transformation that was bound to happen anyway. Over the past two centuries, the world of work has experienced constant change: from agrarian economies to industrial economies, and now, service economies. And in the past two decades, the workplace has completely transformed. Before Covid-19, only 4% of knowledge workers worked longer from home, according to
Global Workplace Analytics. Now, it has accelerated by up to 30%.

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5 CRE Technology Trends to Look for Towards the End of 2020

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 05, 2020

Commercial real estate technology allows corporate tenants to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Towards the end of 2020, commercial real estate technology will be a catalyst that enables companies to increase productivity, maximize office space, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Top CRE Articles in September 2020 from the REoptimizer Blog

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 30, 2020

In case you missed them, here are some of our top Commercial Real Estate articles from the REoptimizer® blog in September 2020:

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