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Commercial real estate optimization is the process by which the savviest businesses minimize their occupancy costs and increase the ROI on their owned and leased properties.

REoptimizer® is a real estate optimization tool and commercial lease management software that takes the pain out of real estate, while saving you money and time.

Most companies are doing it wrong.

Traditional commercial lease management is broken. CFOs want to be empowered by having the information they need, right when they need it. Real estate managers want solutions, not a complicated piece of software to learn. More transparency. Less confusion. Better decisions.

REoptimizer® allows your organization to streamline lease administration and manage your existing properties from any device, anywhere in the world.

Don’t complicate real estate. Simplify it.

Real estate portfolio management is the intersection between art and science, where experience meets execution. REoptimizer® gives you the information you need, when you need it.

Manage your leases. Benchmark your sites. Know exactly what you should be paying, and never pay more than you should.

Think about how you currently manage your commercial leases. Filing cabinets, paperwork, email, phone calls — more times than not the information is not where you need it. Keeping track of everything becomes a nightmare. You waste precious times trying to find the information you need, instead of focusing on the work you need to do. REoptimizer®’s lease administration software eliminates these pain points, saving you time and money.

Does your lease management software suck?

Learn how REoptimizer® puts you in control.

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Real estate optimization in a nutshell.

The best real estate optimization strategy boosts ROI and simplifies management.

Creating the perfect commercial real estate portfolio is anything but simple. There are key dates to track, documents to manage, projects that need to move forward. Every step is critical. If you are managing more than one commercial lease, these problems become even more real. If you are not optimizing your portfolio for peak performance, you are leaving money on the table and costing your company more money that you should be paying.

Dig deeper into how real estate optimization can save you money, time and peace of mind.

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