Benchmark to Market

Evaluate comparable properties in whichever geographic area you choose. Easily view square footage and space utilization metrics, and track the numbers that allow you to cut costs and increase ROI.



Stop Losing Money

REoptimizer®’s commercial lease management software gives you access to the data you need so you never pay more than you should. Want to know what other people are paying for commercial properties in your area? Done. Benchmark to market lets you see what you are paying per square foot compared to nearby sites. What does this mean? Stronger negotiations. Better market intelligence. Lower real estate costs.

Move beyond managing your portfolio. Take control.


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What Makes REoptimizer® different?



Fully Integrated With Your Portfolio

REoptimizer® is a lease management software that bundles all of the tools you need into one platform, so you can take the guess work out of lease administration.


Cut Your Real Estate Costs

Never question if you’re making the right decision. See exactly what others are paying. Get a deep understanding of your market. Cut costs by up to 33%.


Streamline Market Analysis

Stop wasting time compiling data and researching new locations. Get a snapshot view of comparable properties with a few clicks.


Market Intelligence At Your Fingertips

  • Easily view current market conditions

  • Sort through available properties with a few clicks

  • Up-to-date information makes for easier negotiations

  • Cut costs and keep more of your money


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