Expense Breakdown

Every property in your portfolio comes with expenses to track. REoptimizer® lets you know exactly how much you are paying per property, so you can pinpoint areas to reduce costs and save.

Expense Breakdown

See Where Your Money Goes

Know exactly what each leased property is costing your company, down to the penny. Whether you need an overview of yearly costs or a detailed breakdown of every expense for each of your sites, REoptimizer® removes the complexity of auditing your portfolio. Track the expenses of current sites. Analyze the cost of new properties. Get an overview of what you can expect to pay. Then, compare your options so you can make better decisions.

Accurate insight into the numbers that matter most.

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What Makes REoptimizer® different?

See Your Expenses

Know what your entire portfolio is costing your company or see the exact costs of each one of your sites, broken down in detail.

Track Your Sites

View the cost of maintaining each site. See year over year what you owe and what has been paid. Easily export to Excel.


Know The Real Numbers

See the asking price of a property and even an estimated negotiation price. Track construction costs. Compare the benefits of leasing versus owningLeaseVsBuyCalc

Better Understand The Cost Of Your Leases

  • View all expenses over time for each site you lease

  • Handle subleases, credits and free months

  • Pinpoint detailed expenses from any time in your occupancy

  • See a breakdown of how market prices relate to your site

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