Apr 03, 2017

What to Ask Before Signing a Commercial Lease

By Don Catalano


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Finding an office space that is the right size and layout for your business needs and that fits your budgetary requirements is just the beginning of ensuring that you're choosing the right location for your needs. When you have narrowed down your options to just one property, it's important that you take the time to do your due diligence and confirm that you're selecting the right space and getting a fair deal with your contract. Asking the following questions before you sign your lease can help you make the best decision.


What Other Tenants Are in the Building? 

Double check that there are no major competitors already located in the building. You should do a little research to determine if any of the companies' lines of business conflict with your own or detract from your brand image in any way. Also, look for companies that might add value. Are there any large or highly reputable companies that give the building prestige or any companies you might want to partner or do business with in residence?


Can You Get Cell Phone Service?

Having reliable cell phone service throughout your office space is vital to your daily operations. Do a walk through the space, checking the bars on your phone and see if you encounter any dead zones. If you don't have company-issued mobile devices, you may want to have some members of your leadership team who have cell service through providers other than your own do the same. Place calls from a few key locations in the space to further test reception quality.


Where Can You Get a Meal?

Employees will need to have access to dining options during the day. If the building has restaurants or a cafeteria in-house, check the hours and walk through to see if there is enough room for your team. Do a sweep of the neighborhood to find out what's close by and check online to see what restaurants will deliver to the building.


Six Amenities to Look for in Office Space


What's Included?

Will you be getting any furniture with your office space? If so, what condition is it in? Does it fit your vision for your office design? If you're just going to end up having to replace it, you'll want to be aware of that ahead of time. Also, find out what spaces your employees will have access to as a part of the lease. Inspect any common areas like shared bathrooms, break rooms and reception areas to ensure that they are clean, in good condition and of adequate size.


What Will Clients Think When They Visit?

Take the time to replicate the experience that a client would have if they pay your office location a visit. Park in the visitor-designated area if there is one and walk through the main lobby. Use the visitor elevator and make the walk to your office. Then, think critically about what you saw. Were you inconvenienced at all? Did your surroundings make a favorable impression and reflect your brand image?


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano