KSDs (Key Site Drivers)

Create your very own ranking criteria so you can be better prepared when evaluating your next site. Finally, a true comparison engine that makes leasing your next location a whole lot less hassle.

Make Better Decisions

REoptimizer® makes comparing properties painless, even when the decisions you need to make are hard to quantify. REoptimizer®’s Key Site Drivers feature helps you compare properties by price, expansion needs, aesthetics, and proximity to public transportation (to name a few). Enter your needs. See comparable properties. Rank properties based on your needs. Done and done.

Finding your next commercial property just became a walk in the park.

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What Makes REoptimizer® different?

Enter Your Criteria

Add your criteria and REoptimizer® will create a weighted CompScore that lets you easily view the best properties for your needs.




Visually Rank Properties

Filter by price, amenities and features and visually rank your options from the comfort of your office or the convenience of your mobile device.



Compare Side by Side

Don’t just compare apples to apples. Know exactly what criteria is the most important and makes the most sense for your next site acquisition.


Make The Absolute Best Choice. Every Time.

  • Delivers visibility into all leasing activities, opportunities and deals

  • Scoring gives everyone a voice on how they each see the property

  • Use specific criteria to build a custom CompScore to evaluate each site

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