Jul 01, 2019

6 Tips To Consider When On An Office Tour

By Don Catalano


6 Tips To Consider When On An Office Tour
You need to ensure that your new office is a place that will be comfortable for your employees and enable them to grow, develop and flourish. Picking the ideal office space can be a miss or hit, but it doesn’t have to be. This is why it is important to go on an office tour when considering getting an office space. Without due diligence, renting an office space can be a stumbling block to the efficient running of your business.


Going on an office tour is a fantastic opportunity to have a firsthand experience of your desired office space. The following tips will help you in having an effective office tour.


1. Collaborate With Professionals

When going on a tour, you should consider the idea of collaborating with professionals. The service of an architect can be extremely useful. A professional can tell you the amount of space that will be appropriate for your ideal office. A broker will give you easy access to information on the market. Professionals will spot odd things you won’t be able to spot and will help you get a good deal.


2. You Should Ensure You Are Prepared

Before you embark on any tour, you should get all the important information that you may need. Have the financial data handy to always remind you of your budget and measurements of any big furnishings that you will need to move.


Also, have a list of ready-made questions that you wish to ask while you are on the office tour. Here are some questions you can ask during your commercial office space tour:


  1. Who are the other tenants in the building?

  2. Is the property handicapped accessible?

  3. Is there any structural damage?

  4. What is the after-hour protocol of the building?


3. Don't Limit Yourself to a Property

You should ensure that you tour a lot of places that for your requirements; the more, the better. Check out the bathrooms, lunch rooms and lobbies. Ensure you also check places like the parking lot, elevators and the spaces available in the building. You should also check the security structure as it is a very important part of an office facility.


4. Do Not Rush It

 An office leasing tour can be stressful, especially if you are checking a lot of spaces. You should think about spreading the tour across days for comfortability and productivity. This will keep you focused and enable you to make logical decisions.  


5. Check the Distance to Essential Amenities

Another important factor to consider when going on tour for your office space is the distance to essential amenities. Your team will love an office that is close to a restaurant or coffee shop.  Also, check the closeness of places like banks, lounges, conference halls etc.  


6. You Should Plan to Visit Again

If you get an office space you are interested in after your first tour, you should plan to visit the place again at a different time to check for the ease of accessibility for you, your employees, and your customers. There are a lot of things to consider while touring for a new office space. However, these tips have been carefully chosen to ensure you have a productive office tour.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano