May 08, 2019

Reasons a Tenant Rep Can Help Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate

By Don Catalano


Reasons a Tenant Rep Can Help Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate
You wouldn't dream of trying to make a complex legal decision without the advice of a lawyer or to handle a complicated tax situation without the guidance of an accountant. Much like financial and legal matters, commercial real estate rental decisions can be difficult and require the help of a pro. Commercial tenant representative brokers prove invaluable during the search and negotiation process. Here are some of the ways that one can improve your overall business operations:


1. Future-Forward Thinking 

Signing a long-term lease can give you an edge when it comes time to negotiate, but there is always a risk of your business needs shifting before the contract ends. With their wealth of experience, tenant representatives know what questions to ask to determine how your commercial real estate needs are likely to evolve over time. This gives you a greater chance of selecting an office space that will fit your requirements both now and in the future and potentially spare you the time and costs of having to relocate to another office at the end of your lease.


2. A Prime Location

Location is of the utmost importance when you're selecting an office space to rent. Tenant rep brokers know the most desirable locations within their geographic areas and can let you know which places are situated near service businesses and stores and easily accessible by car and public transportation. An office in a prime location can improve workplace morale by helping your team strike a better work-life balance. Their knowledge of the commercial real estate market also makes reps able to advise you about how fair the rental rates are in various locations.


3. An Exact Fit

An office that is too cramped can make it difficult for your team to complete their job duties and projects. At the same time, an overly large office means unnecessary costs. A tenant representative can help you determine just how much space you'll need and match you with offices that are ideally sized for you.


4. A Customized Layout

The layout of your office has a big impact on productivity. Your employees need private areas to complete sensitive and confidential tasks as well as shared spaces that encourage collaboration. Tenant representative brokers can evaluate your needs and let you know which offices are most likely to fit with the unique requirements of your team. Plus, they can assist with the negotiation process when you're discussing custom build-outs, ensuring that your able to get the customized office layout that's right for your company.


5. A Straightforward Lease 

As experts in commercial real estate leases, tenant reps can spot clauses in contracts that could pose problems in the future and help you work with the landlord to revise the document. This will help you avoid time-consuming and costly hassles in the future. Plus, tenant representatives will be on your side throughout the negotiation process to help you get the best possible deal from your prospective landlord.


As the fees for tenant reps are paid by landlords, you won't have to pay any additional costs to reap the above benefits.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano