May 21, 2018

9 Benefits to LEED Certified Commercial Space

By Don Catalano


9 Benefits to LEED Certified Commercial Space
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED buildings feature the latest green technologies and carry the distinction of being certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. While rental rates in LEED buildings are often steeper than in conventional properties, there are a number of benefits to choosing one for your business. These include:


1. A Healthier Environment 

Due to their innovative green HVAC systems equipped with antimicrobial, allergy-friendly filters, spaces in LEED buildings have been shown to have better indoor air quality conditions that other offices. This can decrease the number of sick days that your employees take during the year, increasing overall productivity. Even in spaces retrofitted to meet LEED standards, air quality-related illnesses can be reduced by as much as 50 percent.


2. Improved Recruitment and Retention

Studies have found that LEED-certified buildings can help companies attract talented employees. Plus, worker satisfaction in LEED-certified offices tends to be high, decreasing employee turnover. This is especially true among Millennials who have been shown to place a high value on working for employers that are green minded.


3. A Boost in Your Public Image 

Communities tend to welcome and promote LEED-certified buildings. The structures are often well known even in large cities. As a result, having your business housed in one can benefit your brand image. Plus, occupying environmentally friendly office space shows that your company is green-minded, which can be a differentiator between your organization and the competition.


4. An Asset to Your Corporate Initiatives 

If your company is striving to green your operations, LEED office space can further your goals. The spaces are more energy efficient and will complement your overall sustainability strategic plan.


5. Lower Utility Costs

LEED-certified buildings are designed to consume less water and electricity. Reduced utility use will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Some companies even find that the reduction in utility costs offsets any increases in rent associated with leasing space in a green building.


6. Potential Tax Benefits 

Depending on your location and line of business, your company may qualify for tax breaks if you lease space in an LEED-certified building. In some cases, LEED buildings are located in special economic growth zones that can even mean paying little to nothing in state or local taxes.


7. Lower Waste Handling Costs 

LEED buildings typically have recycling and composting programs that put waste to good use. This can dramatically reduce the costs of having waste removed. In some cases, you may even receive rebates from recycled materials that are sold.


8. Better Employee Performance 

With their bright natural lighting, office spaces in LEED-certified buildings provide pleasant well-lit workspaces that can boost employee performance. One study found that workers performed 25 percent better on mental performance in recall tasks when located in an LEED-certified space.


9. A Positive Eco Impact

On top of all of the other benefits for your company, LEED office spaces are simply better for the planet. Occupying one will shrink the size of your carbon footprint.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano