Jun 03, 2019

10 Workplace Tips For Your Commercial Space

By Don Catalano


10 Workplace Tips For Your Commercial Space
The space in which employees operate has an impact on their happiness and productivity. Hence, it is important to ditch old, non-productive office designs and implement tips that will boost productivity in your workplace. The following are ten workplace tips that you can use in redesigning your commercial space for improved productivity.


1. Avoid Heavy Furniture 

Old office designs often make use of heavy desks to store important files and information. However, with the advent of technology and cloud storage, there is less need for huge desks. Most of your company information can easily be stored using technology.


2. Redesign The Corridor 

Innovative companies are using neglected office space to activities that boost employee productivity. For instance, you can have phone booths, for making calls, installed in office corridors.


3. Have Designated Quiet Zones

Most office spaces are designed for collaboration and creativity. However, some employees prefer to work in quiet zones in order to have maximum concentration. By having designated quiet zones, employees can go there for deep work.


4. Make Your Office Space Happier 

Happy employees are productive employees. By applying the following workplace tips for your commercial space, your office will become more fun, more colorful and as a result, more productive.

  1. Adorn the office walls with inspirational messages and quotes

  2. Use a fancy calendar

  3. Get Rid of Desk Clutters

  4. Invest in quality office mugs

  5. Get indoor desk plants.

5. Put Mirrors Up

Mirrors can change the outlook of an office. They can make a small office space appear larger. Hence, they make your workplace more open and inviting. In addition, mirrors make your office look more refined and professional.


6. Color Code Your Office Supplies 

Research has shown that color affects employee productivity. For instance, red colors affect the human body, blue colors affect the human mind, yellow colors affect emotions and green colors affect your “balance.  When these colors are rightly combined, they can affect the productivity of employees as well as the customer experience.

Recent research by Philips Systems found a significant relationship between light and circadian rhythms that determine human’s stimulation, sleep cycle, and relaxation.


7. Use Dividers To Break Up Spaces 

With dividers, open spaces offer more opportunities for collaboration among employees. The atmosphere is informal and welcoming; hence, employees are more open to joining conversations. This gives the workplace a more synergistic appeal.


8. Make The Most Use Of Lighting 

One of the essentials of good office design is good lighting. Good lighting brings out the best in your color combinations. To get as much natural lighting as possible, ensure that you keep all windows area unobstructed. In addition, keep window blinds open during office hours.


9. Have Large Works Of Art

Hanging large works of art will make your office space appear more thoughtful, spacious, and interesting. You can either go for simple black and white wall hangings or bold and vibrant artworks. Whatever you choose, ensure that they brighten up your employees.


10. Ensure Your Company’s Mission Statement is Visible 

This is very important for several reasons. First of all, having your company’s mission statement boldly displayed makes it easy for all your employees to remember. In addition, it is an excellent way to market the ethics and essence of your business to prospective customers. In other words, it is a good way to showcase what your business embodies to clients and customers.


These ten workplace tips are guaranteed to make your commercial space more conducive for employees. They will improve your workplace design, optimize workplace experience, and positively impact employee productivity.


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