Sep 25, 2018

8 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace

By Don Catalano


8 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace
Finding the perfect location and office space is just the beginning of creating an appealing, comfortable, productive workplace. Small touches can make a big impact on your team's morale and their overall efficiency. Check out these tips to learn some simple ways that you can enhance your office space for the good of your team and your company.


1. Let the Sunshine In 

Natural light has been shown to have a positive impact on both morale and productivity. Arrange your office to make the best possible use of areas with windows, so that your employees can benefit from natural light. Doing so will also allow you to switch off some lighting, resulting in energy savings. 


2. Offer a Mix of Space

Shifting to more open space in your office can inspire collaboration and simplify communication to increase productivity; however, don't make the mistake of completely abandoning closed-in spaces. Keeping employees that perform tedious, fine detail work or who handle confidential or private information in private offices is often a better choice. In addition, establish some small closed meeting areas for performance reviews, team meetings and other purposes.


3. Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Furniture

Employees simply can't be productive if they're not comfortable at their desks. Choose desk chairs that are height, width and back adjustable to ensure that the entire team can customize their seating. Adjustable desks or desks that can convert to stand-up designs are also beneficial.


4. Brighten Things Up

Incorporating bright colors into your office space can make the workplace more inviting. Warm hues like yellow, red and orange tend to have an energizing quality, while cool tones of blue and green can give breakrooms and lounges a more calming vibe.


5. Provide Clutter Reducing Solutions 

Employees simply can't be productive when their work areas are cluttered. Make sure that file areas, printer stations, copy areas and even your breakroom is well organized and free of clutter. Providing desktop organizers to your team can also increase efficiency.


6. Smarten Up Your Thermostat 

Productivity levels drop when employees are shivering or sweating at their desks. Smart Thermostat technology can give you more control over conditions throughout your space. You can establish zones to eliminate hot and cold spots and have the thermostat automatically raise or lower to conserve energy after hours.


7. Keep Them Refreshed 

Keep your employees fueled up throughout the day by offering water, coffee, tea and healthy snacks in your lounge. If your office location is far from restaurants and cafes, consider teaming up with other companies in your building or office park to hire a food truck to visit the area one or more days per week.


8. Provide Access to Plugs

With laptops and mobile devices now essential to business, having accessible plugs available in offices is of the utmost importance. If you have outlets in unused areas like hallways or empty offices, consider setting up charging stations. Place a C-shaped table next to a comfortable chair and provide a USB-AC adapter for your employees to use. This way, they can still work comfortably while their devices are re-powering.


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