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8 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 25, 2018 8:32:00 AM

Finding the perfect location and office space is just the beginning of creating an appealing, comfortable, productive workplace. Small touches can make a big impact on your team's morale and their overall efficiency. Check out these tips to learn some simple ways that you can enhance your office space for the good of your team and your company.

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5 Less Known Things to Look For When Finding Office Space

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 17, 2018 8:32:00 AM

When you're considering what space to rent for your new office, location and rental costs are typically the primary areas of focus, but it's important that you don't overlook other important features. As you compare your options, keep these considerations in mind to ensure that you select the best possible office to lease and get a fair rental agreement.

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Beyond Rent: What You Need to Know About Occupancy Cost

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 12, 2018 8:32:00 AM

If you think that the only occupancy cost that matters is rent, you could be in for a big surprise. The net rent that you pay is only a small part of the cost of occupying commercial real estate space. Not only can the other costs add up to more of your rent, but they can also be unpredictable from year to year. Beyond the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges that many buildings levy, here are some of the line items that could apply to your business.

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5 Commercial Real Estate Concerns You Should Know

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 10, 2018 8:32:00 AM

You're an expert in your line of business, not commercial real estate, so it's easy to get overwhelmed when you consider expanding your current lease portfolio. Start by focusing on these five concerns to make your search, negotiations and portfolio management simpler.

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7 Tips When Touring Potential Office Space

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 6, 2018 8:32:00 AM

With so much to consider when you're touring a potential office space, it's easy to overlook small details. Keep these tips in mind during your tours to ensure that you fully consider all of the aspects of any office you are considering leasing.

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Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in August 2018 from the REoptimizer Blog

Posted by Don Catalano on Aug 29, 2018 8:32:00 AM

In case you missed them, here are some of our top Commercial Real Estate articles from the REoptimizer® blog in August:

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How Technology is Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Don Catalano on Aug 27, 2018 8:32:00 AM

With social media and online advertising quickly replacing conventional forms of marketing and the increasing globalization of industries, companies are already heavily reliant on technology as a part of their daily operations. Technological developments don't just impact how you brand your business and communicate with employees, vendors and customers. Today, technology is also reshaping commercial real estate and can have an impact on leasing. Here are five ways that tech is shaking up commercial real estate:

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