Jul 05, 2018

10 Amenities to Look for When Getting Office Space

By Don Catalano


10 Amenities to Look for When Getting Office Space
Amenities are those special extra touches that set office spaces apart from one another. The following amenities are some of the most highly sought and can help contribute to your employees' overall job satisfaction.


1. Smart Parking

Ample parking is a must for any office space, but the best office buildings will offer more than just the standard lot. Some facilities now offer charging stations for electric cars. Bike racks are another added perk that will thrill employees who prefer to pedal to work.


2. Plenty of Windows 

Bright workspaces offer a number of benefits for companies and their employees. When offices are lit by natural lighting, you can often switch off some lights to conserve energy. Studies have also found that workplaces with natural daylighting were up to 40 percent more productive than those that did not.


3. Speedy Elevators

No one wants to be in the office building longer than they need to at quitting time. Fast elevators that operate reliably will help your employees arrive and exit in a stress-free manner.


4. On-Site Dining Options

There isn't always time to leave the office to grab a bite for lunch, making on-site dining a favorite among employees. Buildings may have a cafeteria, an on-site cafe or an entire food court. Others provide outdoor dining options by contracting food trucks to park outside.


5. Outdoor Communal Areas 

A rooftop deck or ground-level garden or patio provides a place for employees to escape and get some fresh air during a coffee break. When employees have a convenient place to relax in the open air, they can return to work more energized for the rest of the day.


6. Workout Center

A well-equipped gym is a major perk for office buildings. Gyms with a mix of both cardiovascular and weight training equipment will allow your employees to fit their fitness routines into their day. Some buildings even offer fitness classes like spinning or Zumba as an added bonus. Workout centers that include massage therapy services are also popular with employees.


7. Shared Meeting Areas

Small and large meeting areas that are available to reserve in the building will give your employees places to collaborate or meet with clients. Office buildings with communal meeting areas will also allow your company to shrink the size of your office space.


8. Distributed Antenna Systems 

Office buildings with distributed antenna systems make it possible to use mobile devices anywhere and everywhere. Your employees will be thrilled not to have to disrupt conversations when they head into the parking garage or elevator.


9. Private, Attractive Restrooms 

No one wants to answer nature's call in a grimy, poorly lit facility. Private bathrooms that are off limits to the public, well maintained and attractively decorated can make a surprising improvement in employee morale.


10. Pet-Friendly Facilities

Being able to take your dog to work can be a huge benefit for employees with furry family members. Some office buildings provide facilities for the growing take-your-dog-to-work trend with grassy spots equipped with convenience bags for throwing away pet waste.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano