Dec 19, 2016

Tips When Touring Warehouse Space

By Don Catalano


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Your warehouse space is more than just a place for you to store inventory, raw materials, file overflow or equipment. It's an important part of your logistics, operations or record-keeping functions, so you want to make sure that the space you choose is right for your business needs. Your tour of the space is your chance to see for yourself whether or not a particular warehouse location is ideal for your company. Follow these tips to make sure that you make the most of it:


Start with the Parking Lot and Loading Dock 

Before you even head inside, walk around the outside of the warehouse. Is there enough parking for the team that will need to report for work there every day? What size trucks will be delivering and picking up from your location? Is there enough room for them to maneuver? Will they be able to access the loading area? Don't be afraid to break out a measuring tape if you need to in order to be sure.


Consider the Ceiling Height

The height of the ceiling has a major impact on how practical the storage facility is. It determines how high your shelving systems can be, whether or not you can fit large equipment inside and how tall you can stack items.


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Inquire About Climate Control

Is the warehouse facility heated? Air conditioned? Humidity controlled? If so, what type of system is used? How old is it? Does it appear to be in good repair? The climate controls that are in place will determine how comfortable the warehouse facility is. If you're storing items that are temperature or moisture sensitive, the climate controls are even more important.


Think About Safety

As you tour the facility, look for any obvious hazards that could cause workplace safety risks like uneven floors or shoddy-looking lighting. Ask about what type of fire protection and theft prevention systems are in place to protect your employees and your property.


Check Out the Power

What type of wiring is used in the warehouse facility? Is it compatible with any equipment that you will need to plug in? Is there a sufficient number of outlets and are the outlets in the right places within the warehouse to suit the floor plan that you're envisioning? While it may be possible to have the facility rewired or have new outlets installed, there may be a cost to modify it to suit your needs.


Take a Look at the Floors 

What type of flooring is in place? What is the weight load limit of the flooring? Will it be adequate for your needs? Assess the condition of the flooring, too, as this is one thing that many companies overlook.


Look at the Lights 

How well illuminated is the warehouse space? Will you need to install any additional lighting? You'll also want to consider if any natural light enters the warehouse. Depending on what you're storing, natural light may make working conditions more pleasant, or it may pose a risk to your inventory or equipment.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano