Jan 09, 2019

6 Design Trends for Commercial Interiors That Make Your Work Easier

By Becky Holton


6 Design Trends for Commercial Interiors That Make Your Work Easier

Guest blog by Becky Holton. Becky is a journalist and blogger.  She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking.  Follow her on Twitter, @HoltonBecky1.


Designing your workspace is one of the top must-dos in 2019! However, if you are not into the arts, there’s a high chance you might find it challenging to decorate your enterprise; that’s why you must hire an expert. Serious businesses, large or small, need office spaces that function accordingly – that’s why designing your office is of such primary importance. Your work environment will have a direct impact on your workflow and therefore, overall productivity.


If you choose to encourage perseverance, motivation, and determination in your employees, now it’s your time to shine. Choose the landscapes that will boost their performance and help them relax, both at the same time! How? By paying attention to the following top-notch office design trends.


Consider the Culture

“Your company’s culture is one of the major key elements to creating an outstanding work environment. If the business does not correlate or reflect the values of the company, partners and potential investors will get the wrong impression,” writes Mark Johnson, co-CEO at Best Essays.


Since we only want to attract clients that we’re interested in working with, there is no reason to design your office for anybody except your employees; and your workers will definitely define your firm’s values. Making your staff feel like home is a crucial part of the process.


But how do we determine our company’s culture if we don’t already have one? What makes our firm different than others? What values does our brand promote? Here are some questions you might want to consider.


  • Which five words describe your company the best? Write down your answers and next to them, tell why.

  • Design a survey and ask your employees, “which five words do you think describe our company the best?”

  • Which are your company’s core values and why?

  • What is important to you? Why did you open up the business?

  • What brings people together in your company?

  • What are you the proudest of when it comes to your business?

  • Where do you see your company in five to ten years?

  • What would you like to improve?

After answering the questions, it’s time for a quick analysis of the facts presented. Gather up your team and agree on the five words that describe your business the best. Hang your company’s core values close to the front desk. Now, it’s design time!


Open or Closed?

The next step you must take is consider which type of office is proper for the business you’ve built. If your employees need large, common offices to perform their work, you must design accordingly. Anyways, you should debate this concern with your staff, since they will be the ones hanging out at the office every day.


If your employees prefer traditional work-spaces to focus and increase their productivity, respect their wishes. Don’t go beyond their limits just to prove visitors that your company is in-trend. Go with your staff’s opinions! In the end, they’re bringing in the financial rewards, aren’t they?


Comfort and Style

Remote work is sure to become one of the major working forces globally. More than 70% of people worldwide work remotely at least once a week, while at least 53% work remotely for half the week, writes CNBC. People like the comfort of their own homes.


They enjoy the coziness of their houses and the comfort of their self-created environments.


“When creating an office design, you should consider making it comfortable and stylish,” writes Aussie Writings, a major dissertation help company. Making the workplace resemble a home will drive your employees’ productivity up and thus, boost your profits!


Quick advice –

  • Adjust the lighting and choose bright, happy colors.

  • Have a quick Wi-Fi connection and place the scanner, TV, visual support, etc. in a safe place, so your employees won’t trip over anything.

  • Let every employee design their cubicle/desk as they wish.

  • Make everything organized to increase focus! Keep your files in labeled boxes or baskets. Clear the pathways. Use trays to organize the drawers. Update the company’s equipment often.

  • Make it spacious (or, at least as spacious as you can). Check out the tips and tricks of making your office feel bigger.


Make it Inspiring

Making your place inspiring is very important to the eye! If you can visually appreciate a site, you’ll connect with it on a different level and enjoy your work to the fullest, according to a study conducted at Essay Writing Land.


  • Create lounge, common spaces where your staff can interact

  • Use furniture that’s comfy, even if it doesn’t look as good as you’d wish – it’s more important to have apt employees than humpbacked staff. Look for furniture that can be quickly moved, has multiple uses, can lock and unlock together, and has adjustable levels of privacy.

  • Provide quiet zones for your workers

  • Complete your office design with beautiful plants

  • If you have extra room in the office, invite complementary organizations to use the space; I’m sure your employees will love having new people around.


Provide the Necessary

To set up an efficient office, you must provide the necessary items for your staff. “It’s like school but on another level,” shares Keanu Christian. “You send your essays on time (tasks in an office context) only if you are comfortable with the time, space, and environment in which you’re working. Providing the necessary is the number one rule to success.”

Give everyone a say in your decisions – ask your employees which the most important design criteria for them are; start from there.

  • Choose big monitors

  • Include conference rooms and spaces

  • Choose adjustable office chairs

  • Have proper lightning, humidity, and temperature


Think Outside the Box

As Germany Kent once said, “You have to change your thinking if you desire to have a future different from your present.” So, think outside the box! For instance, you could place a ping-pong table or table hockey in the “fun area” of your office or create a meditation room for anyone wishing to relax.


Wrapping Up

To design the best office, make sure you figure out your company’s culture and values, respect your employees’ intimacy, choose comfortable and stylish items, make your place inspiring, provide the necessary, and think outside the box!


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Becky Holton

Becky Holton

Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at Best Essay, essay writing services. She is interested in education technologies, college-paper.org reviews and is always ready to support informative speaking at EssayWritingLab. Follow her on Twitter.