Aug 14, 2019

5 Office Design Tips for Productivity

By Don Catalano


5 Office Design Tips for Productivity
Employee productivity has been proven to increase profitability. In a research study published in the September 2015 issue of Personnel Review, it was discovered that overall employee satisfaction directly impacts financial performance.


The physical environment where employees work is critical to their productivity. This is why corporate tenants must pay attention to design before moving into the new office space. In this article, we are going to explore some of the office design tips that have proven to maximize productivity:



Colors have the power to affect employees physically, intellectually and emotionally. Some have been researched to spark creativity and boost productivity.


Here are a few color recommendations:

  1. Use Red for a productivity boost if employees work in a physically-demanding job. Examples of physically-demanding jobs include personal trainers, tree surgeons, and tradespeople.

  2. Use Yellow in painting rooms isolated for brainstorming or creativity; such as the conference room. Yellow is the strongest psychological color, and it stimulates creativity.

  3. Green creates balance. This is best used in painting rooms where deep work is required.

  4. Blue is excellent for completing administrative tasks and projects.


Wall paintings can affect employees’ moods and can evoke emotional responses. Hence, attention must be paid to the wall paintings.



Proper lighting of an office room can help employees remain focused and even inspire the ability to create more. Poor lighting causes eye strain, stress, headache or depression. To have a good office design, a bright lighting bulb should be used in the workplace especially areas that are usually dark. It is also vital to ensure that the windows in the office are well-positioned to let in natural light.



Employees spend a vast amount of time sitting. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, such as obesity. Hence, it is important to ensure that there are standing desks that allow employees to work while standing. Chairs and tables should be designed with employees’ comfortability in mind.  



The location of the restroom must be close to working areas. This is to prevent huge discomfort when someone needs to use the toilet. The restroom should have a good water system, and be well lit.


As mentioned earlier, sitting for too long can affect employees’ health. Therefore, it is advised that people take breaks to relax and get refreshed before continuing with work. When designing your office, consider a good eating room for tea breaks and lunch, a game room, and anything else that will help your employees take a break. These will aid employees to get rejuvenated and enhance productivity.



Scents are directly linked to the part of the brain that links to emotion and memory. When properly applied in office spaces, aromatherapy helps employees to work harder, concentrate better and become more alert; these are the factors that boost productivity.

One scent that is particularly proven to boost creativity is the scent of jasmine. It stimulates the nervous system and re-energizes tired employees. Having a scent of jasmine in the break room is an excellent idea.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano