Nov 20, 2017

3 Ways Office Design Influences Employee Productivity

By Don Catalano


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In the exceedingly competitive business world, business owners are constantly finding ways in which they can enhance employee productivity in order to boost revenue. There are different factors that can influence employees’ performance and productivity in the workplace. From furniture arrangement, to workplace clutter, nearness to crucial amenities, they all make a huge difference. It all boils down to the office design.


Many studies have found evidence that links employee performance and productivity to office design. So, what does the layout of the office have to do with the performance of the employees? Well, the following are the top 3 ways in which office design influences employee productivity:


1.  It Can Either Foster or Discourage Cooperation and Collaboration 

Researchers reveal that 80% of office tasks involve collaboration of at least two workers at the workplace. About 98% of employers and employees believe that lack of team cooperation and collaboration is one of the aspects that negatively affect the outcome of a project. Without collaboration, the company’s bottom line, turnover, and culture are all negatively affected.


To enhance employee cooperation and collaboration, the office layout has to be in such a way that brings employees that handle collaborative tasks together. An open floor plan is the most ideal design in such cases, as employees can hold conversations easily. Small conference areas of 3-5 people can be created to serve this purpose.


2.  It Can Either Boost or Kill Morale

Studies also highlight workers socialization as a vital aspect to a healthy work culture. There are various benefits that workers can derive from socializing, i.e. they can learn from each other, psych each other up, and help each other out when the going gets tough. This helps to boost workers morale, thus improve their performance and productivity.


Closed office plans discourage workers socialization, thus can lead to employee burnout. This can kill the employees’ morale and hinder their performance. Again, an open plan office design can greatly help to encourage workers interaction and socialization.

Socialization is not the only morale booster at the workplace. The environment is also a contributing factor to worker’s performance and productivity. It’s important for the office design to allow sufficient supply of light (both natural and artificial), as well as conducive temperature to ensure that the employees are comfortable.


3.  It Can Aid or Limit Access to Technology

Today’s modern world has made it mandatory for business to adopt technology in almost all aspects of their business. The internet is one of the most vital technologies that every employee strives to utilize. If the office design limits workers from its access, then their performance and productivity will be negatively affected. It’s therefore important for the office to be designed in such a way that enables workers to easily access the internet and electrical outlets.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for all businesses. However, understanding the workers and how they work can help a business owner adopt an office design that will foster his employees’ productivity.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano