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Portfolio Optimization

Others tell you what you owe,
We tell you what you SHOULD  be paying! 


Lease Management Software Made Simple

REoptimizer®’s lease management software is a CRE optimization tool that allows you to balance your portfolio, save time and money, streamline communication, and manage projects across your entire organization with ease.

Key Features

  • Bank level security to protect your documents and data

  • Easy collaboration and reporting keeps your entire team on track

  • Snapshot view of your entire corporate real estate portfolio

  • Backed by a team of brokers with 50+ years of experience

  • Access from any device, anywhere in the world

REoptimizer®'s  Key Features



REoptimizer® helps simplify lease administration through an intelligent dashboard designed to display the most critical information on each one of your properties. Now you can see the big picture when it comes to your commercial real estate portfolio.



Visually map out your existing portfolio and compare at a glance to comparable sites in your area. Select the criteria important to you and rank the best properties for your needs. View commute times. Find points of interests. Make better decisions.



Make document storage more accessible and secure. Access from any mobile device. Share in real-time. REoptimizer’s® lease management software effortlessly manages your real estate documents and more.



Accomplish more in less time by giving your team the power to work from anywhere. Easily upload documents, photos, videos and more from any device. Update your team in real-time. Assign tasks and due dates so you never miss a deadline.



Create 50+ pre-built reports with the push of a button. Make reporting easier and less time-consuming. Now you can get a deeper understanding of how your company’s commercial real estate portfolio is performing day-to-day.


Key Date Management

Track your high priority deadlines and never miss an important date again! REoptimizer’s® lease management software effortlessly tracks each important date for every property in your portfolio, so you and your team are always prepared.



Get instantly notified every time an important date or deadline becomes due across your portfolio. Enter in your data, set reminders for your team and REoptimizer® will automatically send out notifications via SMS or email as they become due.


Expense Breakdown

See exactly what you are paying for any property in your portfolio. View expense breakdowns and get a better understanding of the costs associated with each of your leases. Track what’s been paid to-date and see the remaining costs of each lease.


Benchmark to Market

Directly compare your properties with other sites in your area to see exactly what others are paying. Compare square footage costs, space utilization and more, so you can plan for growth, cut costs, and optimize your portfolio to operate at its best.



Enter your criteria. See comparable properties. Rank properties based on your needs. Filter to find the best to get a true apples-to-apples comparison on your company’s next commercial property. Key Site Drivers makes it that easy.

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