Jun 24, 2020

Ways IoT (Internet of Things) Can Improve Your Office Space

By Don Catalano


Ways IoT (Internet of Things) Can Improve Your Office Space
Internet of Things is fast changing how office space is designed, as well as how work is being done in offices. With real-time data and insights, as well as smooth automation, employees can now increase their productivity while spending more time on important business operations. In this article, we are going to explore the several ways that IoT can improve your office space.


1. Enhance Productivity with Smart Coffee Machines

Coffee has been proven to help employees stay focused and alert. This is quite necessary for office productivity. However, brewing and making coffee can affect the number of productive office hours— time that otherwise would have been spent doing productive work is often spent fixing broken coffee machines.  With smart coffee machines, you can ensure that there is always coffee around and made in shorter times.


2. Track Office Heat Map with IoT Sensors

With IoT sensors, you can now track activities in the conference rooms, break rooms, office floors, or the hallways. This allows you to discover the heat map in your office and use the data to modify your office layout. For instance, areas that are often congested can be reorganized to make room for more people.


3. Maintain Office Cleanliness with Smart Vacuums

It can be quite expensive to hire a custodial staff. With smart vacuums, you can save money while maintaining cleanliness in your office. The service of custodial staff can be used once in a while to conduct deep cleaning, while the vacuum robots handle the daily cleaning. Bringing automation to your office hygiene can remove the headache associated with cleaning the office space.


4. Boost Productivity with Smart Assistants

Smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa for Business can help boost productivity in the office. Smart assistants can synchronize with a wide range of office IoT devices to produce all needed assistance, ranging from meeting tracking to weather reports.


5. Decrease Waste with IoT

Internet of Things is helping companies cut down on their waste. With IoT, you can now easily identify leaky pipes and overactive HVAC systems. Most often, these office wastes do not go noticed for a very long time, and they can easily compound into huge expenses for the firm.  For example, you can use a smart thermostat system to track the zones that use the most energy as well as the times during the day. Data from the smart thermostat system can be used to make the necessary changes for optimizing the experience.


6. Track Maintenance with IoT Printer

More than just connecting printers to the internet, IoT printers can help in monitoring paper and ink, and inform when there are low supplies. In addition, IoT printers can manage inventories, by checking available ink and paper and order for additional supplies without any human involvement.


7. Track Equipment with IoT Tagging

Managing office assets can be a huge challenge to office productivity. It is hard keeping a central system that tracks all the office equipment used by the employees and customers. IoT tags like Aruba asset trackers can help you find your company assets anywhere.



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