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How Will Organizations Rethink Their Workplaces Post-COVID-19?

Posted by Don Catalano on Apr 19, 2021

COVID-19 has massively accelerated the need for office space planning. Across industries, business leaders will use the lessons from this lockdown remote work experiment to reimagine how work is done as well as what role offices should play. With safety as an underlying principle, these essential points can enable a resilient workplace post COVID-19.

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8 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace

Posted by Don Catalano on Sep 25, 2018

Finding the perfect location and office space is just the beginning of creating an appealing, comfortable, productive workplace. Small touches can make a big impact on your team's morale and their overall efficiency. Check out these tips to learn some simple ways that you can enhance your office space for the good of your team and your company.

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How to Create Happier Workers with a Better Workplace

Posted by Don Catalano on Mar 20, 2017

Rethinking the workplace does more than just boost efficiency. New office designs might be more space efficient, take less energy and cost less to manage, but the bottom line benefits pale in comparison to the human factors. Put simply, the right office layout and configuration can make your workers happier, more productive and more likely to remain at your company.

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Tips for the Perfect Workplace

Posted by Don Catalano on Aug 24, 2016

Time and time again, studies have proven that working environment matters. The right office space has been shown to improve worker productivity and increase employee satisfaction, making companies more successful and greatly reducing turnover.

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CRE Strategies to Reduce Costs in an Evolving Workplace

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 24, 2013

The modern workplace is in a constant state of evolution. Team structures and strategies are fluid, and the dynamics of locations can change faster than ever. In the midst of all this, a company needs to be able to maintain space that reflects its identity and helps achieve its goals, while minimizing occupancy cost. More than ever, flexibility is the watchword for corporate real estate.

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