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Thinking of Consolidating Your Offices? Here Are 5 Tips

Posted by Don Catalano on Apr 21, 2021

Consolidating multiple branch locations into one or two main offices often makes sense for companies that have experienced changes in their geographic reach, are struggling to improve efficiency or have observed widespread underutilization of space. In the post-pandemic era, there are even more reasons why you might wish to reduce the number of offices that you have. If you're one of the many companies that have decided to opt for a hybrid model with employees permanently working from home part of the time, eliminating some of your offices can reduce costs. To ensure a successful consolidation, follow these tips:

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Do You Need to Consolidate Your Space?

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 04, 2016

The saying bigger is better applies to a lot of things, but office space isn't one of them. Every square foot of office space costs you money, so the last thing you want is to go unnecessarily big and raise your rental rates as a result. As you consider the commercial leases your company holds and work to optimize your portfolio, be on the lookout for these signs that you may be ready to consolidate and cut down on office space:

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