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5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Parking in Your Office Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Apr 22, 2019

When you're considering all of the important details about your office lease, parking may not be a top priority, but overlooking the clauses related to parking is a big mistake. Carefully analyzing the parking details can spare your company the hassles of a parking shortage or unexpected costs. Here are five reasons why you need to pay attention to parking:

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REoptimizer's Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs from June 2017

Posted by Don Catalano on Jun 26, 2017

In case you missed them, here are some of our top CRE articles from the REoptimizer® blog in June:


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5 Parking Tips When Looking for Office Space

Posted by Don Catalano on Jun 19, 2017

When you are deciding whether or not to lease a particular unit, there is more to consider than just the space inside the building. The parking lot is also important. After all, you don't want your employees to arrive at work only to find that there is nowhere for them to leave their cars. To evaluate parking lots and ensure that they will meet your needs, follow these tips:

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Parking and Your Office Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Jul 07, 2015

There is more to an office lease than your actual space, as defined by its demising walls. Your space is only as good as the building common areas that lead to it. After all, it's hard to get to a suite on the 14th floor if you don't have a lobby to walk into and hallways to walk down. Possibly even more important than the common areas is the parking garage, ramp or lot that the building offers. Paying careful attention to the parking area -- and your rights within it -- can help to ensure that the office lease you sign is the right one for your company.

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