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Six Commercial Lease Renewal Tips

Posted by Don Catalano on Nov 13, 2019

The commercial real estate lease renewal process opens both great opportunity and great risk for you and your company. Done right, you can get a great deal on space that will serve you well for years or decades to come. Getting the process wrong, though, can leave you tied to an expensive location that could sap your employee's productivity and long-term satisfaction. Here are some tips to make your next lease renewal the best one ever.

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4 Lease Renewal Negotiation Strategies You Can Count On

Posted by Don Catalano on Mar 24, 2014

Managing the lease renewal process is more than a necessary evil. It's also an opportunity for you to better tailor your company's real estate portfolio to achieve your goals. Once you've decided to renew a space, the negotiations start. Here are four strategies that can help you come out on top of the negotiation.

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