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6 Tips When Auditing Your Commercial Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Jan 06, 2021

A commercial lease is usually one of a company's biggest expenses, and some businesses may be unknowingly paying more than is necessary to their landlords. After all, errors can occur with any document, including commercial leases. Conducting a commercial lease audit can help you spot mistakes that are increasing your occupancy costs, so that you can address them with your landlord and remedy the situation. Following these six tips will help to ensure a successful audit:

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Ways to Conduct a Commercial Lease Audit

Posted by Don Catalano on May 24, 2017

Is the lease for your commercial office space really fair? If you read the document over carefully prior to signing, you may be inclined to say, "Yes, of course!" immediately; however, there are often clauses and languages in standard leases that put tenants at a disadvantage. A commercial lease audit is your chance to have your lease carefully analyzed to ensure that it is fair. Here are some of the considerations that go into one:

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