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5 Industrial Trends To Look For In 2020

Posted by Don Catalano on Jan 13, 2020

The industrial market was one of the hottest parts of the commercial real estate industry in 2019. Investors wanted to own buildings. Developers wanted to build them. And tenants desperately wanted to occupy them. Coming off of an amazing year, here are the five trends that we are tracking for 2020 and beyond.

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Five Industrial Trends for 2019

Posted by Don Catalano on Feb 18, 2019

Now that we're a month in to 2019, everyone has recovered from the holiday season and is eagerly looking ahead to the rest of the year. If your company is considering moving to a new industrial building or renting industrial space for the first time, there are some predicted trends that are important for you to know.

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What You DON'T Need for "Last Mile" Industrial Space

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 22, 2018

With the ongoing growth of e-commerce, retailers and distributors are looking to get their warehouses closer and closer to their end customers -- preferably within the "last mile" to their homes or businesses. This allows for delivery times measured in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks. It also means that urban in-fill warehouses are back in vogue. If you're looking for in-fill industrial space, here are the six things that you aren't going to need.

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Five Industrial Trends for 2018

Posted by Don Catalano on Feb 05, 2018

2018 will be another banner year for industrial real estate. As you look over the landscape, expect these five trends to impact your experience as a tenant, user, owner or investor throughout the year.

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Ways to Keep Your Industrial Costs Low

Posted by Don Catalano on Oct 11, 2017

Every company expects to have occupancy costs related to industrial real estate leases; however, thinking of those costs as fixed and unchangeable is a mistake. Doing so can mean that you're overpaying and sinking more money into your industrial facility than you need to be. Follow these tips to shrink your occupancy costs and positively impact your bottom line.

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REoptimizer's Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs from July 2017

Posted by Don Catalano on Jul 31, 2017

In case you missed them, here are some of our top CRE articles from July:


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Parking and Your Industrial Lease

Posted by Don Catalano on Jul 11, 2017

While office users frequently focus on parking ratios, industrial uses can be even more sensitive to the configuration and size of lots or ramps. After all, industrial properties can have high degrees of variability in employee density. They also have multiple uses for outdoor spaces while also potentially needing room for large vehicles to maneuver.

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