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5 Ways to Optimize Your CRE Portfolio

Posted by Don Catalano on Jun 22, 2016

When you rent commercial office space in a number of locations, it's important to think about all of the properties as a single portfolio rather than separate locations. Doing so can allow you to spot opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing costs to positively impact your bottom line. There are a number of ways that corporate tenants can optimize their commercial real estate rental portfolios. Here are just a few of them:

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3 Ways to Ensure Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Benefits You in the Long Term

Posted by Don Catalano on Jun 09, 2014

While a corporate real estate portfolio is part of your company's asset base, for many companies it operates like an expense. However, outstanding companies are able to turn their CRE portfolio from an expensive necessity into a strategic asset and long-term contributor to profitability.

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3 Ways to Prepare Your CRE Portfolio for the 'Fiscal Cliff'

Posted by Don Catalano on Dec 07, 2012

The "Fiscal Cliff" is looming, with the entire country poised to tip over the edge on January 1, 2013. While the cliff primarily has to do with taxes and government spending, it is likely to have a broad impact on the economy. These broader effects will have CRE portfolio management consequences. Formulating a strategy for the remainder of 2012 can help to mitigate these risks. These three best practices should prove helpful in protecting commercial real estate tenants from its impacts.

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