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The Most Important CRE Metric You Never Paid Attention To

Posted by Don Catalano on Nov 21, 2014

One of the most important CRE metrics in the restaurant world is the rent-to-sales ratio. Most restaurateurs know that profitability starts to feel squeezed at rents that exceed 8 percent of sales and almost impossible to achieve when rents are over 10 percent of sales. Retailers also track their sales per square foot rent to sales ratios to ensure that pricey store locations are paying off in enhanced income.

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4 CRE Metrics Landlords Use When Considering Leases

Posted by Michael Sweeney on Oct 07, 2013

Undoubtedly, a landlord will only enter a lease with a tenant that returns him a profit. With this in mind, wouldn't it help to know how he will meaure his profitability with you as a tenant?

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CRE Metrics: What Is Loss Factor and How Can I Avoid Losing?

Posted by Jordan Slater on Jan 21, 2013

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