Sep 30, 2019

Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in September 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog

By Don Catalano


Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in September 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog
In case you missed them, here are some of our top Commercial Real Estate articles from the REoptimizer® blog in September 2019:


6 Commercial Real Estate Tips to End 2019 Right

As 2019 draws to an end, your company's commercial real estate portfolio deserves some extra attention. So put down your pumpkin spice latte or IPA and start executing on these six important to-dos.

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Hidden Costs You Should Know About in Your Lease

Rent and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) are often the biggest expenses that a company has, so naturally, you don't want to pay any more than you need to when it comes to the office or building that you lease. Unfortunately, commercial leases can be rife with hidden fees that unsuspecting tenants may end up overpaying for. These fees include:

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8 Things to Be Aware of in Your Commercial Lease

When it comes to commercial leases, every single word matters. Before you sign, you'll need to ensure that you understand the entire document and have had it reviewed by a lawyer. In particular, be sure to look out for the following components, as they can have a big impact on your company now and in the future:

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7 Ways to Get a More Flexible Office Lease

Even if you have thought carefully about your company's strategic plan and feel confident about short and long-term forecasts, it's impossible to completely predict the future of any business. Because you can never be certain of what tomorrow holds, you don't want to find yourself stuck in a strict commercial lease that may no longer meet your needs before the end of its term. These tips will help you create a flexible agreement to future proof your lease.

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