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Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in February 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog

By Don Catalano


Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in February 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog
In case you missed them, here are some of our top Commercial Real Estate articles from the REoptimizer® blog in February:


5 Industrial Trends for 2019

Now that we're a month in to 2019, everyone has recovered from the holiday season and is eagerly looking ahead to the rest of the year. If your company is considering moving to a new industrial building or renting industrial space for the first time, there are some predicted trends that are important for you to know.

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10 CRE Concerns You Should Know

Commercial real estate is one of the largest markets globally. According to the report, the value of private office construction starts in the United States alone amounted to $6.2 billion in 2018. The reason why this industry is so huge is obvious: every company needs its offices.

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Mistakes When Leasing Your Office Space

Although leasing your first office space would probably be very exciting for you, you need to pay attention to five common mistakes in order to find the best space for your office. Take a look at how to avoid them.    

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5 Commercial Office Design Trends in 2019

The face of the modern-day workplace has gone through a lot of changes over the last ten years. In the past, the office was a place for employees working the traditional 9-5. The offices were joined to landlines, fax machines and large desktop computer with dial-up internet connections. The modern office space has been through extreme modifications with the advent of emerging technologies, materials and a change of priorities for both the organizations and employees.

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