Aug 27, 2019

Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in August 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog

By Don Catalano


Top Commercial Real Estate Articles in August 2019 from the REoptimizer Blog
In case you missed them, here are some of our top Commercial Real Estate articles from the REoptimizer® blog in August 2019:


Emerging Office Markets - 2019 Midyear Edition

As 2019's second half is well underway, the list of the hottest office markets in the United States contains a few surprises. While well-known markets like New York and San Francisco remain popular with tenants, suburban and secondary markets are also garnering increased buzz. Here are some emerging office markets that go beyond the usual suspects.

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Preparing Your Office Space for Autonomous Vehicles

Today, it's almost impossible to buy a car that doesn't have some sort of sensor technology to help you drive. More and more cars are offering some degree of autonomy, and fully autonomous vehicles are coming. As we move to a world where, some day, your car will drive you to work, the way that you look at an office space and its suitability will change. Some of today's most important factors won't matter at all, and others will become crucial.

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4 Ways Tech Can Help With Commercial Site Selection

Technology plays a big part in the way we identify the best potential locations in commercial real estate. Here are 4 ways technology can help with your commercial site selection:

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5 Office Design Tips for Productivity 

Employee productivity has been proven to increase profitability. In a research study published in the September 2015 issue of Personnel Review, it was discovered that overall employee satisfaction directly impacts financial performance.

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10 Commercial Office Site Selection Tips

Site selection for a new office is a daunting task for any company, but the process can be simplified and streamlined when approached the proper way. Following these tips will make the site selection process easier and help to ensure that you get the right office space for your needs.

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