Nov 07, 2013

Top 5 Finance Apps for Corporate Real Estate Executives

By Don Catalano


corporate real estateAs a corporate real estate executive, you may have to keep track of locations spread across the globe. Whether you're managing sites across town or across oceans, your mobile device can keep you organized and productive. While many apps help you with general productivity or business tasks, five of them stand tall for their ability to help you manage the dollars and cents of your company's portfolio:]



Integrated workplace management system software doesn't have to stay locked on your desktop or notebook computer. Many IWMS software platforms now have apps that allow you to access them from your smartphone or tablet. Some apps allow you to access many of your IWMS features from your mobile device. This is an especially useful tool for facilities managers as well as facilities engineers.


REoptimizer® can help optimize the efficiency of your corporate real estate portfolio, and is available for iPad. Find out more about the app's key features.


PowerOne Financial Calculator

Whether you need to calculate the impact of a refinance on your company's bottom line or look at the difference between leasing and buying space, the PowerOne Financial Calculator is an industry-standard for on-the-go finance. Eschewing the complicated system of an HP business calculator for a form- and template-based interface, the PowerOne calculator can replace a business calculator and also obsolete basic models that you may have built into spreadsheets. Its easy to use interface hides an extremely powerful calculating engine. PowerOne is available for iOS, Android and even more devices. For more information, check out this link.



Using Microsoft Excel for modeling and tracking purposes has countless limitations. However, it is a useful financial app used widespread by many companies, and is indispensable to the hardworking corporate real estate executive. While most mobile devices come with their own spreadsheet readers with additional applications you can buy for more functionality, none of them can compare to the actual version of Microsoft Excel. While Microsoft Office still doesn't run on tablets and smart phones (as of November 2013), CloudOn gives you a tablet-optimized version of the program that stores your files in the cloud and lets you use Excel to work on your documents. CloudOn is available for iOS and Android devices. Check it out here.



Part of being a corporate real estate executive is spending a lot of time on the road. It can be hard to keep track of everything you spend on plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, meals and incidentals. Enlist Expensify to track your personal finances by ensuring that you get reimbursed for everything that you take out of your own pocket. The app even scans receipts so you never have to manually type them in. Expensify is available for iOS, Android and more. Learn more about it here.



When analyzing spaces in the field, you can do your financial modeling on your smartphone, but the most important variable - the actual square footage, can't be verified in a spreadsheet. MagicPlan uses your smartphone or tablet's camera to take pictures of a space's corners and generate measurements. This can be extremely useful to confirm measurements so that you pay rent on the right space and save your company money on its corporate real estate portfolio. MagicPlan is available for iOS and Android devices. To learn more, click here.


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