Jan 30, 2015

Top CRE Posts for January 2015

By Don Catalano


January 2015 REoptimizer Posts

In case you missed them, here are some of the posts from REoptimizer® in January:


Top 4 Markets for Office Space in 2015

CRE Office Space 2015

With 2015 already getting started, the country's hottest markets are already attracting tenant inquiries. Whether you are looking at a small office space for a branch operation or considering a new headquarters location, here are four locations that you shouldn't miss.
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Tenant Improvement Options to Keep in Mind

CRE Tenant Improvements

Planning a tenant improvement project used to be simple -- design rows of private offices with cubicles in front and don't forget a storage room and reception area. Modern offices are much more variable. While the key to a successful project is to customize it extensively to your needs, there are still a few rules of thumb that can make any project better.
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Top 6 Questions for Your Commercial Real Estate Broker

CRE Broker Questions

When you sit down to choose a commercial real estate broker to serve as your tenant representative, finding the right one can be a challenge.  Typically, the right broker brings two things to the table -- a personality that meshes with yours and a comprehensive skill set. While you can gauge whether or not a broker is a good fit for you through a conversation over lunch, asking the right questions is key to assessing skills.
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Tips for Getting Out Early of an Office

CRE Lease

Just because an office lease is a binding document doesn't mean that you're stuck staying in a space that doesn't work for your business. While it's unwise to unilaterally break your lease and stop paying, most leases and landlords leave you opportunities to find creative solutions to real estate problems.
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Top Office Trends for 2015

CRE Office Trends

As the workplace continues to absorb both the impacts of big data and the unique preferences of Generation Y, office space keeps changing. While some of the new year's trend will be new, you will also see an office trend or two that continues from the previous year. Here are the four that we're closely tracking.
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When to Start Looking for Your Next Commercial Real Estate Lease

Commercial Real Estate Lease

Typically, companies start looking for new commercial real estate space as little as nine months before their existing lease ends. Unfortunately, they're doing it wrong. To successfully find and negotiate a new space, the savviest tenants can spend two to three years planning for a move.
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5 Secrets of Industrial Site Selection

Industrial Site Selection

Industrial site selection is more complicated than it might seem. Simply picking the tallest possible building with the best possible proximity to major interstate highways and a rail spur isn't enough to guarantee the right location. Instead, you'll want to look at multiple details to get the perfect space for your needs.
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