Jan 25, 2019

How REoptimizer® Facilities Management Software Can Help You

By Don Catalano


How REoptimizer® Facilities Management Software Can Help You
As businesses of all sizes turn to lease management software to help control occupancy costs, if you aren't also taking the leap, you could be left behind. These applications make it easier to benchmark your portfolio, plan your real estate activities and squeeze greater efficiency out of your annual real estate expenditures. REoptimizer® offers a unique blend of features that give you the core functionality you need to make better real estate decision, all at a reasonable cost level. 


Better Portfolio Management

For many companies, the most important feature of their lease management software is its ability to track the necessary dates for managing their real estate portfolios. REoptimizer's key date management tool takes information from your leases as you enter it and uses it to populate a portfolio wide calendar. This lets you manage all of the tasks for your entire pool of real estate holdings from a single place, and see what is coming up at a glance. You can also receive text message or email updates to ensure that you don't miss an upcoming option notice or renewal date.

In addition to tracking lease dates, REoptimizer® also includes a project management tool. This goes beyond tracking lease dates to also helping you mange the processes that are part of managing a corporate real estate portfolio. Whether you need to track the process of finding new space or manage tenant improvement build-out projects, REoptimizer® helps to make you more efficient.

Finally, REoptimizer® offers an additional crucial lease management software functionality -- document management. It's built in digital lockers let you scan or otherwise capture an unlimited number of documents and attach them to your portfolio for easier retrieval and more secure storage.


Portfolio Benchmarking

REoptimizer® isn't just a management tool. It is also a comparison tool. It starts by allowing you to benchmark your portfolio against itself. With 40 different reports, you can look at spaces by themselves or in comparison, covering basic metrics like cost as well as more specific ones like space per employee, site utilization, or even ROI per space. With this reporting capability, you can quickly figure out which sites are accretive to your bottom line and which aren't.

REoptimizer® offer on additional feature that makes it unique in the world of lease management software -- benchmarking to the market. While other programs tell you what you owe, REoptimizer® can tell you what you should be paying. As an optional feature, you can choose to have your REoptimizer® program updated with data from other competing sites in your market or markets. This lets you quickly see how your locations line up with what is available, giving you the ability to negotiate more aggressively with your landlord, move to better priced space or keep your spaces that are priced below market for as long as possible.

REoptimizer® doesn't just store voluminous quantities of information. It also presents it in an easy to use fashion. Its portfolio dashboard pulls data from all of its modules to present you with an easy to read single page summary, letting you see what is coming in the future and where your sites rank relative to their markets. This feature gives you the power of lease management software without the learning curve and the barriers to access.

To learn more about how REoptimizer® can help your business maximize its real estate ROI, get a free demo today!


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano