Feb 28, 2017

Commercial Real Estate Optimization Software and the C-Suite

By Don Catalano



Commercial real estate optimization is about much more than cutting costs. Since the most efficient way to optimize your portfolio is to use lease administration software and other automation tools like REoptimizer®, the optimization process also gives your entire c-suite access to better information and the ability to make better decisions.


While the cost management benefits of portfolio optimization are of keen interest to CEOs, they aren't the only positive that comes from the process. Your CEO wants to know everything that is happening in the company -- from a 30,000 foot view. Many lease administration software applications provide dashboard views that give your CEO the data he or she needs.



As with the CEO, your CFO also looks for cost savings. However, they also look for detailed data on expenditures and on cost efficiency. While the CEO wants to see the bottom line, the CFO wants to know how much costs are on a per square foot basis from market to market. They want to see which locations have above market costs and which ones have below market expenditures. Finally, because CFOs are also responsible for projecting cash flows and future expenditures, the data they get from commercial real estate optimization projects pertaining to lease rollovers and CAM and rent increases helps them to do this.



Commercial real estate optimization isn't only concerned with lowering costs. An optimized portfolio is also one that works better and helps the company achieve its operational priorities. COO's also benefit from having access to clear information on where the company is located and what each location needs, helping them to manage the company's logistics network.



Much like the COO, the company's chief information or technology officer also takes responsibility for a portion of the company's network. Lease administration data helps them to identify needed network resources and, with trend data included, to project what the company may need in the future.



When something goes wrong at one of your company's locations, the chief legal officer's team might need to get involved. Having easy access to all of the company's obligations and the documents underlying them in software like REoptimizer® simplifies the CLO's job. Knowing about upcoming negotiating events -- like rollovers, moves or buyouts -- also helps the CLO to plan his or her resources to ensure that attorneys or paralegals are ready when they are needed.


Beyond the C-Suite

While the c-suite stands to benefit from commercial real estate optimization and the lease administration software tools that accompany it, they aren't the only ones. The people on your corporate real estate team get all of the C-suite's benefits, too. Even bigger wins come from the ultimate impact of an optimized portfolio -- the right number of locations generating a minimum number of unexpected issues. Your CRE team also reaps the benefits of automation which saves time through organizing documents and having the software manage repetitive tasks.


Commercial real estate optimization and administration tools don't only save you time. They also, by providing a preconfigured system, show you what you need to do and what you need to act on, saving you from unnecessary effort.


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