Mar 14, 2012

Backing Up Your Corporate Real Estate pt. 3

By Don Catalano


Commercial Real Estate DataPart 3 of "Backing Up Your Corporate Real Estate"  Please click the links below for parts 1 and 2.


Multiple Server Locations

Beyond having multiple layers of backups, businesses that handle sensitive data for other companies or have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees need to have full-time, redundant servers. The servers must be geographically dispersed. As an example, our software, REoptimizer is designed to securely optimize the real estate portfolios for large corporate clients, so it is imperative that we employ the highest-level protocol. REoptimizer has 3 separate servers that are geographically dispersed by thousands of miles. Within a minute we can switch our clients over to any one of the other servers.


The big advantage for clients is that their commercial real estate data is safely secured on multiple servers with bank level encryption.  Any one of our CFO, CEO or Director of Real Estate clients can securely see all there is to see about their commercial real estate portfolios from their computers, iPads or iPhones (still with 128 bit encryption).  This offers them power, mobility and security.


It can be expensive to use third-party providers like Rackspace to provide this level of service, but to our enterprise level clients, it’s worth having the highest level of security and availability.


In conclusion, there's no excuse with today's modern technology to have multiple layers of backups and perhaps even remote servers.


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