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Tips For Obtaining An Environmental Assessment

Posted by Jordan Slater on Mar 08, 2013

An environmental site assessment, frequently referred to as a "Phase One," is more than just another lender requirement that needs to be met when you are looking at purchasing a piece of investment real estate.  Pulling a phase one report can not only help you understand an asset better, but also save you from potentially buying large and expensive problems. However, they can also bring up their own problems and unnecessary complexities.

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3 Essential Tools to Keep Up With Your Corporate Real Estate Leases

Posted by Jordan Slater on Jan 26, 2012

Investing in corporate real estate can be a rewarding experience that brings an exciting return on investment year after year. If you are unable to organize and keep up with your leases, however, it can quickly become burdensome and expensive. Without organization, your return on investment may not reach its potential because your expenses will be higher than they should be.

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Net, Gross & Full Service Corporate Real Estate Leases

Posted by Jordan Slater on Nov 22, 2011

Finding the right corporate real estate lease means the best match between landlord and tenant. The three main types of leases are net, gross and full service.

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How to Choose the Right Corporate Real Estate Broker pt. 1

Posted by Jordan Slater on Nov 16, 2011

The corporate tenant is a complex machine.  With so many moving parts, every machine is unique, even within the context of the same company.  Managing a headquarters, warehouses, satellite offices, etc. is a headache to say the least.  So when one of your hundred-plus leases is up, it is absolutely mindboggling to think to handle the process alone.  But as puzzling as it sounds, a number of companies still try to manage the task in-house, without a broker, as a method to trim down corporate real estate expenses.  How could you blame them in the economic conditions of the past few years?  That said, subscribing to this philosophy is paramount:  if you forgo tenant representation, more often than not, you will lose money over the duration of your lease.

Corporate Real Estate Directors and VP’s simply do not have the time (and far too often, the resources) to make the best possible decisions in lease renewal, relocation, expansion, contraction, etc.  Never mind the daunting processes of following up with the back and forth of lease negotiations and all the rest.  With such a limited ability to apply the necessary focus on several projects every year, corporate real estate professionals are in need some outside help – the help of a team, whose sole focus is set on the market, which the corporate tenant is targeting.

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