Jun 22, 2020

7 Tips for Sustainability in Your Commercial Space

By Don Catalano


7 Tips for Sustainability in Your Commercial Space
Companies are now paying more attention to their commercial space sustainability. Apart from the fact that it is the future of commercial space, it has added advantages for green companies. Sustainable companies cut down on costs, and have more beautiful spaces. In this article, you are going to learn the 7 tips needed to achieve sustainability in your commercial space.


1. The Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the easiest ways to encourage sustainability in your commercial space is to make it easy for the employees to use recycling facilities. Beyond dumping used newspapers in a recycle bin, employees may be encouraged to reuse notebooks and folders. This will save the company cost and also help in creating a sustainable commercial space.


2. Create a Sustainability Committee

Another way of creating sustainability in your commercial space is by setting up a sustainable committee. The committee will be responsible for providing guidelines to te employees on how to make more sustainable and green decisions. In addition, te sustainable committee will help in encouraging collaboration among employees, especially new ones who may need some time in making green decisions in line with the company’s sustainable policy.


3. Install Green Roofs

One of the goals of encouraging sustainability in commercial space is to improve air quality. Green roofs allow you to reduce surface water runoff, improve the air quality, and improve the appearance of your building.


4. Adjust Lighting

To regulate energy usage, your company needs to ensure that adjusting when and how you use lighting is easy, and if possible automated. Motion sensors allow you to switch off lights when leaving a room. In addition, natural light should be used inside the office as much as possible. Also, ensure that you remove all incandescent bulbs, and use more eco-friendly lighting options (such as Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and LED lights) for your office.


5. Encourage Green Behavior

To have a practical sustainability plan in your commercial space, the entire company has to join efforts in achieving this. For instance, employees may need to be involved in the brainstorming session where green ideas are being discussed. In addition, incentives can be made for employees who go the extra mile in ensuring that they cut down on energy use.


6. Limit Cooling and Heating

It can be extremely hard to achieve the optimal temperature that all employees are comfortable with. Nevertheless, the company can come up with tiny changes that allow energy conservation. For instance, you can turn the thermostat off overnight. In addition, ensure that your HVAC system is in top condition and is checked regularly. 


7. Go Paperless

To achieve sustainability in your commercial space, you may need to limit printing in the office. Except when absolutely necessary, you may not encourage the use of papers. To go paperless, you can send emails instead of using paper memos. When necessary to use papers, you can make use of 100 percent recycled paper products.


The benefits of optimizing your commercial space for sustainability are immense. With the tips highlighted above, you can now have a green space that cuts down on costs and is



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Don Catalano