Feb 08, 2021

7 Tips For a More Sustainable Office

By Don Catalano


7 Tips For A More Sustainable Office
Globally, offices are now shifting towards sustainability. Sustainable offices create a healthy environment for the employees, reduce a company’s CO2 footprint, and are less costly to maintain. If you are looking for tips on how to design a more sustainable office, here are some suggestions:


1. Utilize Natural Light

Use natural daylight as much as possible. When choosing a space in an office building, it is advisable to choose a room that has lots of access to natural light. This will help you in reducing energy usage and saving costs on electricity. Health benefits of natural light include immunity boost and mood improvement.


2. Be Energy-Efficient

When it comes to equipping the office, you may need to start focusing on equipment like air conditioners, computers, and lunchroom appliances that will not use a lot of energy. Also, you may want to look at the energy ratings of each appliance before making a purchase. Employees can be encouraged to turn off all the equipment that is not in use. Appliances that are rarely used should be unplugged, so they do not drain energy when turned off.


3. Recycle

To achieve a more sustainable office, it is essential to reuse, reduce and recycle. According to a research study, about 17 trees and 26,500 liters of water are saved when a ton of paper is recycled. Not only does this help in conserving nature, but it also helps in reducing chemical contamination in the office.


File folders, binders, and pens can be reused, while supply items that you have no immediate use for can be reduced.


4. Choose Multi-functional Devices

To save cost and eliminate waste, you may want to use multi-functional devices, such as all-in-one printers that can print, copy and scan documents. Multifunctional devices use significantly less energy than individual machines and are known to reduce overuse.


5. Introduce Some Plants

Low-maintenance plants have low pollen count and are not a burden to cultivate. Plants in a workspace are known to help in recycling the air, brighten up the office, and reduce stress. Also, they are known to help in improving workplace difficulties (like low morale).

It is important to ensure that you let your employees know before new plants are introduced to avoid cases of allergies.


6. Use Green Alternatives

Most resources used in the office have green alternatives. To have a more sustainable office, you may start checking the green credentials of your suppliers. Products that are made from recycled materials can be used in place of products that are only used once. Also, you can consider using reusable packaging for the retail aspect of your business. Not only is this a good business move especially if you have customers who appreciate eco-friendliness, but it will also help in minimizing environmental impact


7. Go For VOC-Free Paints

Paints with no VOCs have no volatile organic compounds in them. In other words, VOC-free paints do not contain any harmful chemicals. When creating a sustainable office, You might want to consider paints that have low- or zero-VOC.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano