Feb 15, 2021

5 Advantages to Using Drones in Commercial Real Estate

By Don Catalano


6 Advantages to Using Drones in Commercial Real Estate
Drones are no longer purely for recreation. Many industries are now relying on drones to complete a wide variety of tasks from making deliveries to surveying wildlands.


Commercial real estate has also adopted drone technology. Today, drones are often used to supply three-dimensional images and aerial photographs for prospective tenants. There are a number of benefits to incorporating footage from drones into your search for a new office or warehouse space. Here are a few you should know:


1. Everything's Remote in the Age of COVID-19

Even before the pandemic, drones were majorly disrupting the commercial leasing process, but since spring of 2020, the pace has accelerated. Drones make it possible to get a good look at building conditions, parking situation, etc. 


This is especially ideal for companies who are using pandemic-related shutdowns as opportunities to relocate or to expand by snatching up newly vacated space.


2. You Can See More Than Just the Building

With drones, it's possible to go beyond the building that you are considering. You can visit the whole neighborhood to see which businesses are located nearby and what the overall impression of the region is. Drone footage taken at different times of the day can even tell you how well lit the street and parking lot or garage are at night. Time lapse drone footage gives you a feel for how traffic patterns ebb and flow during various times of day as well.


3. You Might Spot Problems You'd Otherwise Miss

Drones can go places that you'd never set foot. With drone footage, you might spot signs of out of date building systems or areas that are in need of repairs.  If these areas appear to be poorly maintained, you may wish to pursue further research.


4. You Can Scout Out New Geographic Locations From Anywhere

If you're considering more than one city for a relocation or expansion, drones are sure to come in handy. You can scout locations all across the country or even around the world without ever having to leave your office. Once you have eliminated some locations from consideration, you can then see about going to visit potential cities in person.


5. It's Easy to Get Input From Your Whole Team

Because you can replay a drone-based tour again and again, an unlimited number of people can be involved in the process. Suddenly, it's possible to have your whole management team take a look at prospective offices without everyone having to try to coordinate their schedules for an in-person visit.


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Don Catalano

Don Catalano