Improve EBITDA by Cutting Your RE Costs

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This is a PDF document outlining steps to take in saving money in CRE expenses, written by a seasoned tenant rep. 

Topics in this eBook include:

  • Understanding current expenses
  • Market benchmarking
  • Maximizing ROI through site optimization
  • Best practices for CRE management

Here is a sample what you will find in this eBook:

Measure the Variable Expenses

There are hidden “gotchaʼs” like over-time HVAC costs in an office lease that can really add up. For example, an insurance company client of ours routinely had their field offices open for 80 hours / week. For anything over 55 hours / week landlords typically charge for over-time electric a rate between $50 to $150 per hour. Take a look at their Over-time HVAC costs before we fixed this for them.

Improve EBITDA by Cutting Your RE Costs

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