Oct 13, 2019

How Our Lease Management Software Can Benefit You

By Don Catalano


The REoptimizer® lease management software package keeps you on top of your company's corporate real estate portfolio. With an array of class-leading features, it helps manage deadlines, keeps documents available and manages fixed and variable costs on both a per-site and a portfolio-wide basis. This lets you manage your bottom line more effectively. 


Here are just a few of the top benefits you get with REoptimizer's portfolio optimization software:

Document Management

Corporate real estate functions can kick up voluminous quantities of paper. REoptimizer® lease management software contains a powerful document management system that lets you digitize all of your documents and store them in one place. With every document linked to every location, you can find the information you need more quickly.

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Critical Date Management and Notifications

In many ways, managing a commercial real estate portfolio is a scheduling challenge. Missing a date by even a couple of days could lead to late fees or to the loss of a right to occupy a property or renew a lease. Because making changes in a portfolio can be time-consuming, REoptimizer® also provides long-term reminders and notifications to ensure that you are always ahead of your portfolio's needs. With notifications by SMS/text message, email and via the Google calendaring system at two, four, six, eight and 12 months before important dates, REoptimizer® will keep you on track.

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Expense Accounting

For many companies, real estate optimization is part of a larger push for cost optimization. REoptimizer® offers one of the most comprehensive expense analysis modules of any lease management software package on the industry. It allows you to drill down on every category of expenditure across your entire portfolio. For example, you could analyze:

  • How much you spend on your real estate portfolio.

  • How much you spend on your Wichita office.

  • How much you spend on your Wichita office -- per square foot or per employee

  • How much you spend on data service for your Wichita office

In addition, you can create benchmarks to compare offices against each other, such as doing a line-item analysis of Wichita, KS against Wichita Falls, TX. REoptimizer® even lets you look backwards and forwards, giving you both historical data and letting you project out what your costs will be over the remaining terms of your leases.

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Benchmark to Market

One of the areas where REoptimizer® distinguishes itself from other lease management software applications is in its ability to present portfolio data in light of the surrounding market. For example, if you are used to paying major East Coast gateway city occupancy costs that can fall in the $50 to $100 range for Class A office space in buildings in the central business district, $25 per square foot in cost for a Midwestern office might seem like a good deal. If the market is at $22, though, you are overpaying.

Most corporate real estate executives lack the time or ability to become experts in the market fundamentals surrounding all of their locations. REoptimizer® can aggregate that data and give you cost comparisons. These let you better understand your portfolio, help you make better decisions, and arm you to be a more effective negotiator.

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Dashboard View

While lease management software is designed for workers who do the day to day tasks involved in running the portfolio, the C-Suite also needs visibility into what could be their second largest expense line. REoptimizer® has a high level dashboard that lets CFOs, COOs and CEOs get critical data on a portfolio- and a property-level, letting you see the big picture and make more informed decisions based on being able to obtain your own data.

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To learn more about REoptimizer®, view our video here or click below to sign up for a demo. 

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Don Catalano

Don Catalano