Nov 4, 2011 10:52:00 AM

Combat Commercial Real Estate Market Turmoil Pt. 3

By Don Catalano


This is the last installment of our guide to surviving commercial real estate market turmoil.  If you missed the first two parts here they are: Combat Commercial Real Estate Market Turmoil Pt 1 & Combat Commercial Real Estate Market Turmoil Pt 2.  Take a look at our last couple suggestions for cutting back on corporate real estate related costs...

Develop a source for unbiased market Intel

Avoid brokers whose firms represent the landlords, as this is a big conflict of interest.
Capture all “Comps” and compare that to what you are currently paying.
These alternative sites (Comps) should be matched to meet your company’s needs and then filtered so that you are presented with the best options first.

Use REoptimizer™ to cut your Corporate Real Estate ExpenseCorporate Real Estate Software


REoptimizer™ does all this and more.  It organizes all your sites into one database, helps you manage and maintain each one individually, while benchmarking your lease prices to those currently on the market.  You’re likely to save at least 30% on your lease rates, and of course, consolidate your time using one handy program.


In Summation

  • Trim the fat—Keep the Muscle
  • Measure Utilization
  • Benchmark Your RE Assets
  • Prepare your company for potential economic hardship ahead of time by saving money now.

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